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2020 文化平權駐村計畫聯展/ 2021 Residency Artist Exhibition Season 3 Group Show

"Coliving in This World" - 共存者






Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage on May 24, 2019. CHEN Yu-Jung paid attention to whether is it changed the degree of stigmatization of HIV-infected persons after the same-sex marriage is legalized ? By inviting volunteers to create together as the beginning of the project, he re-examined and explored the phenomenon and reaction of social collective consciousness in the face of disease issues.

He invited Xiaoxu, a volunteer of HIV-infected to conduct life history interviews and co-creation. Through the narration of life history and historical archives, reconstruct the boundary between illusion and reality, and display and participate in the infection of the project in the form of archives. The project is expected to conduct research and creation in the media of in-depth interviews, sound poem, and ready-made objects. It is hoped that through the practice and arrangement of the project of interviews with volunteers, the stigmatization of infected people in the past will be removed.

The works are linked by different clues. The chanting sound of French poet Attila Rimbaud’s poem "Drunken Boat" is used as a metaphor, like a lone boat sailing in the sea. In addition, Xiaoxu's relationship with self, family, first love, life and illness is presented. Transform the individual's life experience into a narrative, and rethink the value of symbiosis and coexistence.

He believes that "Fear comes from the unknown, and the 'empathy' is the basis for conquering everything."



Duration: 28’51”

Size: 30cm(L) x 21.5 cm (W) x 1cm (H) x 8 pics

Painting: 小旭/ Xiaoxu

Interview video: CHEN Yu-Jung

隱藏宣言/ Hidden Declaration (2021)

Test tubes, components, tube clamps, mirror acrylic, cork stopper

Size Variable (7 sets)

如島似海/ Resembling An Island And The Sea (2021)

Wire rope, plastic medicine jars、speakers, LED lamp, sound control modules, projector, neon strip

Size Variable

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