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In the book ‘Invisible Cities’, Italo Calvino states “Memory is redundant: it repeats signs so that the city can begin to exist; an invisible landscape conditions the visible one.” Spatial textures become a part of sections of memories. Through an ongoing process of colonization, boundaries become blurred. Folded memories influence the paths of people’s perspectives. Cities start to have different manifestations in the eyes of different travellers.

CHEN Yu-Jung reflects on the experience as a traveller in the production of work. “My daily experiences of the surrounding city during my residency, and the inner feeling they create would be the key elements of my creative project. Furthermore, using infinite series of “repetition” as method, the differences enclosed in the structure will be redefined, and become a system without starting and ending points.”

He has used ‘sonification‘ as a method to convert audio documents into visual materials. This process involves the accumulation of creative energy evoking the continuation of the past to establish a space, voice and performance. – ‘My residency will be an important step toward the contextualization of past multimedia composition around sound/ space/ emotion, and it will help me to unite all past experimentations into one core practice’.

Scape of Flow/ 流動的風景


Video, scape installation, photograph, performance

Dancer: Yi-An Chen

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