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“Sound-Field Vibration”- 「聲域共振」即興音樂會
Improvisation Concert


Through statistical analysis and visual analysis of image software Processing, it is used as another module for seismic image transformation. In the boundary between natural disciplines and artistic creation, an attempt is made to create an intermediary space, with pure abstract lines, color blocks, and a sense of flow to express the sense of speed, kinetic energy and visual energy of an earthquake, echoing the state between the two. , the kinetic energy displayed by the program corresponds to the interaction between the main shock, aftershocks and their related attenuated shock waves in the seismic data.

10 October 2021, P.M. 14:30/ 18:30

好日光景 (Tainan, Taiwan)



Sound-Field Vibration/ 聲域共振-即興音樂會(2021)

for violin, violoncello, clarinet, accordion

Duration: 30'29"

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