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2022 NEXT ART TAINAN/ 2022臺南新藝獎
Lightscape of the Silence- CHEN Yu-Jung solo exhibition/ 寂靜光景- 陳昱榮個展


This project was started from Deleuze’s ideas of “Virtual memory” and “Eternal calamity return.” When we repeatedly extract and store, we carve again sections of history. CHEN Yu-Jung hope to explore the internal temporality of field, and try to create a hazy boundary between natural and man-made objects. The city, natural soundscapes, and images taken during the creation process are converted into a sound map based on a large number of outdoor body measurements and recordings, which serve as the sound texture relationship between the spatial field and the river basin. Through that process, He tried to locate certain boundaries between river basis; and using records of bridges, channels, ditches, and spatial landscapes, my transformation with signal processing, analog amplification, and field recording, and I programmatically used the images and sounds to achieve interactive transformation. This reflected the overlapping relationships between spaces.

10 March 2022 -10 April 2022

甘樂阿舍美術館 Asir Art Museum (Tainan, Taiwan)

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